Research Assistants and Worklearn Students

Aidan Perkins

Aidan grew up in the suburbs of Washingotn D.C. before moving to Vancouver in 2020 to attend UBC. He is a current 3rd student studying Natural Resource Conservation with the faculty of Forestry. Aidan’s interest in geomatics came from taking various GIS courses during undergrad and learning all about the amazing things it can be used for. At the IRSS Aidan hopes to further develop his GIS and Remote Sensing skills through assisting on projects concerning conservation and climate change.

When not at work Aidan enjoys rock climbing, trail running, backcountry skiing and exploring the PNW.





Olivia Waite

Olivia grew up in southern Ontario where she developed a love and respect for the natural world through years of exploring local areas, as well as tree planting in northern Ontario and witnessing truly awesome marine life while diving in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. She has a BSc in Medical and Biological Physics and a minor in Mathematics from McMaster University. While at McMaster, she was introduced to environmental modelling and spatial statistics which peaked her interest in geomatics and lead her to UBC’s MGEM program. Olivia is currently working as a research assistant for the IRSS collecting LiDAR, multispectral and thermal data via UAVs for progeny trials for Genome BC.

When she’s not in the lab or out in the field, she enjoys slacklining, climbing, yoga, and indulging in some squash (both the fruit and the sport!).